Essential oil Peppermint & Eucalyptus.


At herb DUBLIN we are driven by both the healing power

of plants and the happiness and pleasure that their aroma brings.

We are very passionate here about essential oils and all of their

fabulous benefits.

We have blended our oils to bring you our favourite combinations and with a whole host of benefits, we really hope you will love them too!


Benefits of Eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils:


Energy boosting

  Clears and relaxes the mind.

Purifies the air.

Immune boosting properties.

Relieves mental exhaustion.

Eliminates airborne bacteria.

Clears airways.

Relieves congestion.

     Enhanced mental focus

May Sooth feelings of irritability.

May Reduce tension.

May help Hormonal balance.


 *For aromatic purposes only *Not for internal use* Not for topical use. *Do not use if pregnant *Keep out of reach of children *Please recycle packaging after use *Never tested on animals.

Blended in Ireland.


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