"Never before has wellness from mental to physical been so important"

We value great health more than anything else.

Time out, time to unwind, to switch of and just relax is vital in our go, go, go lives. we encourage turning off your phones, lighting a candle, burning some oils, closing your eyes, breathing deep and taking a long hot essential oil filled bath as often as you can.

simple Tips to relax

a hot bath before bed

Enjoy our gorgeous epsom salts with added herbs and essential oils. relax and unwind with our lavender & rosemary epsom salts, light a candle, fill the room with gorgeous natural scents. totally engage your senses. we highly recommend this just before bed and you will sleep like a baby.

Early morning stretches

It is such a great habit to stretch when you wake. Take ten minutes to stretch and bend before you start your day. We have created a gorgeous alert and awake oil to set you up for the day. it is a big yogi favourite as it encourages self awareness and awakening in both body and mind.

Cleanse (naturally)

"Cleanliness is next to godliness".

You cannot cleanse with toxins. Use our 100% natural soaps to cleanse the natural way and lighten your ever increasing toxic load. We do not use toxins, only gorgeous natural oils to cleanse and soothe your precious skin.

Meditate daily

take time out to meditate, only few minutes can clear your mind and induce a feeling of calm and grounding. we have created a beautiful essential oil blend to burn while you meditate. peppermint and eucalyptus (for energy& clarity) a great day time oil to improve concentration at work or study or before making decisions.

Essential Oils

Enjoy the fabulous benefits and healing power of our essential oils .We have blended our oils to bring you the following combinations, Lemongrass oil helps to energise the body, a Yogi favourite. Lavender & Rosemary oil relaxes the body. Peppermint & Eucalyptus oil, helps relieve congestion and clears the airways.

We plan to grow and expand our range so always keep in touch if you feel there is anything that we are missng we would love to hear from you!